Dr. Scott Rocklage’s Impressive Resume

Dr. Scott Rocklage is a partner at 5AM Ventures, but his impressive list of involvement in life sciences does not end there. Dr. Rocklage is also chairman of the boards of Semprus, Relypsa, and Achaogen as well as Kinestral, Rennovia, and Cidara Therapeutics and also finds himself serving on the boards of Pulmatrix, WaveRx, and Variation.

He was CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and has held high leadership positions at various other companies. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase and Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn

Dr. Rocklage’s educational background is just as impressive as his professional one, with him acquiring his Bachelor’s degree at U.C. Berkley and then at MIT, working in the lab with Nobel Prize Winner Richard R. Schrock. He received his Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Chemistry from MIT.

In addition to these accomplishments, Dr. Rocklage has been credited with the applications of Cubicin®, Teslascan®, and Omniscan™, as well as entering six other drugs for clinical trials. He has also written over 100 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Andrew Rocklage’s current role at 5AM Ventures allows him to work closely with the scientific community, whether they are physicians, scientists or business minded, to bridge gaps that exist in the pharmaceutical and medical world. His interests also lie in using the latest technologies to help diagnose and prevent medical ailments.

5AM Ventures affords companies in the life sciences a leadership team as well as funds to get off the ground running.

Dr. Rocklage believes in a hands on approach to his work and will work closely with the companies that 5AM Ventures invest in. He is a firm believer that people propel business and if someone isn’t fitting the bill, it’s time to move on from them.

His risk taking adventures in entrepreneurship as well as his background at MIT are what Dr. Rocklage credits to his success. In focusing on a business’ strengths, he has been able to lead businesses to success even in tough economic times.

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