Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: How to Maintain Your Cosmetic Scar

When people are getting any cosmetic procedure, they will always be excited about the outcome. However, many patients will not be interested in the scars that will come as a result of the surgeries. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has discovered the kind of agony his patients have to go through because of scars on the skin. The cosmetic surgeon knows that in cosmetic surgeries, scars are one of the evils that patients can never avoid. When the scar area is given the kind of attention it needs, then it will be less ugly. People who follow the medical advice they are offered after surgery never have to worry about the appearance of the scars. Here are some of the simple rules Sameer Jejurikar gives his cosmetic surgery patients concerning their scars:

Keep the scars away from the dangerous sun: Scientists say that the sun is responsible for the UV rays. When they come into contact with the scar, they will cause permanent damage and sometimes discoloration of the scar. Covering the scar with a piece of close doesn’t help because some light will still penetrate and reach the scar, giving you the results you do not want. Even when it is just a little rays, they are enough to damage the skin and get your confidence away. When you have a scar on the skin, take the right precautions. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar says the patients will heal so well. The cosmetic surgeon advices the use of silicone strips or bandage. Sunscreen will also give you the protection you are searching for.

Be careful with anything you apply on the scar: after a cosmetic procedure, many people will look for products that will make healing simple and faster. However, most of the products will have a negative effect on the skin. Hydrogen peroxide, for instance, will only destroy the bacteria around the skin and do away with the protein that promotes healing and encourages contraction of the tissue.