Dr. Sam Jujurikar – Excellence and Compassion In Plastic Surgery


Dr. Sam Jejurikar has been serving patients in the greater Dallas area since 2009 as a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Originally hailing from Minnesota, Dr. Jejurikar completed both his undergraduate studies and medical training at the University of Michigan before relocating to Texas. In addition to his plastic surgery training, he spent an additional year at the acclaimed Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital where he obtained specialty training in aesthetic surgery. Specializing in cosmetic surgery of the face, eyes, nose, body and breast, he is a certified member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Jejurikar is highly trained in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery with over 14 years of experience, but perhaps his most valuable skill is that of compassion. In 2012 Dr. Jejurikar was named one of the most compassionate doctors in America. His patient-focused approach has garnered him acclaim from patients and other surgeons alike. Dr. Jejurikar strives to make his patients’ experiences the best possible by offering a suite of products and services as part of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

By using the latest advancements in medical technology Dr. Jejurikar is able to provide world-class service during the consultation, during surgery and postoperatively. The Crisalix 3D Imaging system allows him to simulate what the changes would look like before ever undergoing surgery. The TouchMD patient portal allows patients to learn more about the procedures and provides valuable educational videos. Dr. Jejurikar even has his own signature line of skin care products to help rejuvenate his patients. Visit the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute today and get firsthand experience of Dr. Jejurikar’ s exceptional service.