DonataMeirelles – Take a Look at Her Philanthropic Work

DonataMeirelles is a well-known fashion figure in Brazil and has served as the fashion stylist and director for Vogue Brazil edition for seven years. Before joining Vogue, DonataMeirelles served as the international buyer for Daslu Boutique, where the success she achieved helped her become a globally popular name in the fashion industry. DonataMeirelles is recognized as one of the most popular fashion influencers in Brazil. Donata believes that the fashion world has changed drastically in the last decade and the advent of modern technology, mobile phones, and social media, has made the nature of the fashion industry even more dynamic.

Along with being active in the fashion industry, DonataMeirelles has also been active in the charity world and has donated generously to several charitable organizations, including amfAr, which is an organization that helps people and their families living with AIDS and HIV. Donata Meirelles recently said in an interview that her entire day is filled with the hustle and bustle and sometimes, it can be challenging to manage time between work, family, clients, health, and community. She keeps herself updated with the latest fashion trends by traveling and keeping a check on what is going on in the fashion world by reading fashion magazines and following internet influencers.

DonataMeirelles has helped AmfAR raise a lot of money by having celebrities donate their things and also their experiences that can be auctioned off. It also provides funding for an organization that is working towards a cure for HIV and AIDs. Donata is a big part of the charity organization and feels that it will do a lot of good in the coming months. It has already seen excellent results that are helping people with HIV and also helping in the prevention of such diseases with approaches that has not been tried before.

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