Daniel Taub & His Accomplishments

Daniel Taub, considered by many a jack of all trades, was born and brought up in the United Kingdom. In the UK is where Daniel would learn most of what would turn him into the successful man he is today having attended school as a kid there and later, attend the prestigious and distinguished universities of Oxford and London. In addition, he would also later attend the highly regarded Harvard University which would also prepare him well for his future endeavors. Having served as a reserved officer in the Isreal defense forces, Daniels also admits that just like his educational background, his military background also played a major part in molding him into his future self.


Since his time as a young and learning individual, Daniel Taub would also hold many important roles in the Israeli Foreign Ministry in the late 1990’s, continuing to be a significant figure for Israel and its efforts to progress as a country into a leading one. Daniel Taub held positions that made him responsible for tasks dealing with the law and other important diplomatic matters. Needless to say, all of which would definitely prepare him well for his future roles. Speaking of which, because of his extensive and impressive background, Daniel Taub would later be given roles as Ambassador to the United Kingdom and later served as Director of Strategy of a foundation which helped him accomplish many impressive feats. With all of that said, to further understand how Daniel has accomplished the many things he has today, we will recap an article by algemeiner.com which speaks on just one of the many great and somewhat revolutionary accomplishments Daniel has to his credit.


Daniel Taub & UK-Israeli Trade

In an article by algemeiner.com titled “UK-Israeli Trade Doubled Under Resigning Ambassador Taub”, the article basically explains how under Daniel Taub, both the United Kingdom and Israel of which Daniel is deeply rooted in are benefiting tremendously in trading and other aspects. The article goes on to explain how in the short span of four years since Daniel Taub took control ambassador, Trading numbers have positively gone up to over $6 billion, benefiting all parties involved. In other aspects, because of the involvement and direction of Daniel, both parties have seen educational, financial, and civil growth will no signs of slowing down, all thanks to the tremendous efforts of Daniel Taub. Learn more: http://www.alondon.net/index.php?action=art&id=7198&lang=he_IL




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