Daniel Taub- Great Israeli diplomat to the U.K

Daniel Taub is an Israeli diplomat. He has represented Israeli in a number of occasions. One, he was the chief peace negotiator in the Middle East crisis that involved Israel and Palestine.

Two, he has been the Israeli representative as an ambassador in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub started his life in the United Kingdom. He was born in 1962 in the United Kingdom. He would later move to Israel in 1989. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.daniel-taub.co.il/ and http://www.parashadiplomatit.co.il/

He was appointed as the representative of the country following his impeccable record in representing Israeli in the peace agreement negotiations. He cooperated with the chief envoy from Palestine to come up with a peace agreement that worked for some time.

Daniel Taub accomplishment go far and wide. Apart from negotiating the peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, he ensured that he performed exemplary well as an ambassador to the United Kingdom. His biggest contribution as an ambassador was in ensuring that the trade deals between Israel and United Kingdom strengthened. Read more: In conversation with Mayor of London Boris Johnson

He did a commendable job since the two countries were able to double their trade deals. Daniel Taub served in the United Kingdom for a period of four years. In this period, he achieved more than any other diplomat before him. He also ensured that the businesses that the Jewish community was operating in the United Kingdom also expanded.

According to a report that was released by the embassy, the trade deals had doubled on top of other improvements in the academic and cultural sectors. The two countries enjoyed cordial relations. Daniel Taub describes the relations between the two countries as quiet diplomacy.

There was never a tag of war when they were addressing issues that affected them as independent nations. The British Secretary for business, innovation and skills described the improvement in trade between the two as an attainment of a golden era.

Daniel Taub received praise from the Jewish community in the United Kingdom for ensuring that their welfare as community was well taken of. In his farewell party held in London they described him as the best Israeli diplomat ever to the United Kingdom.

He always stood for the right side. When the students’ organization of U.K students voted to boycott Israel, he advised the school administrators not to punish any students for their stand.

He believes in the freedom of movement and speech. It is for this reason that he travelled to Bradford at a time when the areas M.P had declared the area as Israeli-free-zone. This meant that no Jew would be allowed into the area.