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Next to college football, college basketball has more than 50 games on any given Saturday during the season. College football also has more games being played most of the week versus the professional leagues NFL and NBA. That is one huge reason why betting on college basketball can be more lucrative than most sporting venues.

Bettors always have different perspectives when it comes to betting. Some like to play the money line. Some bettors like to play the totals which is the combined scores of both teams. Other bettors would rather play the point spread which is the amount of points a team is suppose to win or lose by. The point spread is harder to win than the money line. The only thing about the point spread is that you can bet a team to lose or win by a point margin and still win money. Betting on college basketball odds is very similar to pro basketball. Each basket is worth two points or three depending where you are on the basketball court. A foul line basket is worth a point each. Professional basketball has fewer teams than college basketball. The scoring in professional basketball produces higher scoring totals than college basketball due to the shot clock. College basketball teams have more time to run a play than in professional basketball. The money lines and point spreads are slightly different as well because there are more weaker teams and more stronger teams. It is not rare to see college basketball lines where favorites are expected to win by 25 or 30 points at the beginning of the college basketball season. A point spread margin like this is uncommon in pro basketball.

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