ClassDojo – Fast Company Article Recap

Can mindfulness training make young kids better students?

ClassDojo is launching a series of new mindfulness lessons for grade school kids to assist them in learning to quiet their minds and reduce their levels of anxiety.

In our tech-driven society, where distractions abound, something as simple as quietly reposing in a chair while concentrating on your breathing, may seem strange, but it can carry many benefits: The main one is that it can lower stress levels and provide healthful results.

ClassDojo is using these techniques based upon the philosophy that mindfulness produces a child that is composed and ready to learn. The big breakout is slated for May 10, 2019.

The lessons are basically self-explanatory. In addition to breathing, ClassDojo also uses exercises like Mindful Moment, Focused Feet, and Body Scan. These are mostly audio lessons, but some include simple animated video clips that can help keep students focused without distracting them.

One example was the Mindful Moment lesson, in which one of ClassDojo’s monster mascot icons is seen sitting still in a chair, while some background music plays. A narrator directs the students to close their eyes as he rings a bell. The monster does the same. The idea, is to practice sharpen your concentration by listening to the first ding, but then for as long as you can as the sound gradually ebbs into silence. Listening carefully as the sound slowly dissipates is part of the lesson of mindfulness.