Chris Burch Protects Sumba Island

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In an article published for News Version the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch has been dedicated to his work on Nihi Sumba Island. The article goes into detail describing the island and some of the work that Mr Burch has done, concluding with some of the work that Mr. Burch has done over the past few years.

The article starts by describing the background of Mr Burch, the traits he has which enable his success, and the number of companies he’s helped, refer also to The second paragraph goes into further detail on Mr. Burch’s specific character traits. The third paragraph describes the idea behind Burch Creative Capital and how they help smaller companies grow by investing much-needed capital. The paragraph later goes on to describe the different types of companies they are currently investing in.


The article goes on to focus on the real estate investments of Mr Burch, particularly the partnerships with both Philippe Stark and Alan Faena. The investment on the Nihi Sumba Islands in particular has been a tremendous success. The next two paragraphs focus on some facts concerning the Nihi Sumba Islands themselves. The story is told of how it was first settled and where the name came from.

The acquisition of the island from a pair of surfers to Mr Burch is an interesting story as is some basic info on Mr Burch’s business partner itself. The last few paragraphs talk about Mr Burch’s most recent business and philanthropic decisions, read it here at (