Chris Burch Has An Impressive Track Record Of Achieving Success In Multiple Industries:

Chris Burch is a global fashion industry icon and also a hotelier responsible for creating an Indonesian resort that has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s great getaway destinations. He is the founder of his own firm, Burch Creative Capital, which he heads up by serving in the role of Chief Executive Officer. During his forty years of success in entrepreneurial endeavours, Chris Burch has made successful investments in a number of different industries and has been willing to think outside of the box in order to find success in whatever venture he has set his mind to.

The start of the entrepreneurial success of Chris Burch can really be traced back to his college days when he first entered into the clothing and fashion business. This is a business industry that Chris Burch has remained connected to over the years. He recently forged a valuable business partnership with famous and beloved television host Ellen DeGeneres on a new lifestyle line that she was releasing. The same year that he started this partnership with Ellen, Chris Burch also found himself entering into the exciting prefabricated homes business with a company called Cocoon9. This was a massive addition to the portfolio of Chris Burch and a valuable addition to other endeavours such as TRADEMARK and Poppin.

Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu resort is a fabulous retreat located in the island chain country of Indonesia. Chris fell in love with the site of the resort when he was in the area on a getaway and decided that he wanted to create something special there. Since its opening Nihiwatu has been ranked as the world’s best resort and attracts countless visitors on a yearly basis. They come for everything from simply getting away in paradise to the outstanding fishing and outdoor activities that are available to guests. The resort really is a testament to the lifelong achievements in business that Chris Burch has achieved.

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