Chris Burch Believes That Experiences Are Now The Greatest Commodity On The Market

Chris Burch is a hotelier and entrepreneur who has been working with his company Burch Creative Capital for many years, click ( He is valued at over $1 billion and owns a stake in many different successful companies. In 2004, he worked with Tory Burch to startup her company, which has been a huge success. He ended up selling his last bit of stake in the company a half decade ago after he parted ways with his ex-wife. He also sold C. Wonder and has been re-focusing his efforts on new endeavours.

Chris Burch continues to build a business portfolio that is full of many different kinds of companies. He was asked in a recent interview to reveal some of the kinds of companies he is not investing in, and he commented that he feels that are way too many copycat companies out there now. He believes the problem is that digital marketing has reached its ceiling, and he also believes that brand loyalty is fading. He has acknowledged that some companies continue to have a loyal following but that many of them have to work hard to get that.

Chris Burch feels that the next wave of successful entrepreneurs will be the ones who offer an experience to their customer. He has commented that people are now wanting less things but that they are wanting experiences in place of these things. Sujit’s company Cocoon is catering to an audience who is looking for smaller living spaces so they can spend more of their money on experiences. Chris Burch is sure that luxury is not going anywhere and believes that people will be asking companies to offer them new travel experiences. Burch has been a successful entrepreneur for many years, and he plans on continuing to be successful by continuing to focus on working hard and providing people with exactly what they are asking for.


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