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There are a number of challenges facing the healthcare system today and one of the biggest is that a large segment of the population is aging. This is the baby boomer generation, or those whose parents had handfuls of children. All of these people are starting to grow older, which means they are becoming a… Read Article →

Alexis Kennedy is the founder of the Weather Factory. The Weather Factory was created to help people enjoy narrative games. Kennedy is currently working on Cultist Simulator, a card game based on the apocalypse and yearning. Alexis Kennedy is a famous writer and game designer. Kennedy speaks at different conferences and universities around the World… Read Article →

With so many people out there struggling to manage their finances smartly, taking the help of the investment professionals with an excellent track record is necessary. Not planning your finances today can make your tomorrow harder than you anticipate, and it is essential that you consider following the advice offered to you by the investment… Read Article →

A leading financial management company by the name of HCR Wealth Advisors emphasizes the importance of estate planning. The company actually noted that many people steer clear from estate planning because many people believe it is akin to planning for your death. It is seen as a topic to shy away from because no one… Read Article →

Smita Shah is famously known as the president of Spaan Tech, a company that was started in 1998 while she was just 24 years old. She is an Engineer licensed in different states who has an extensive education background, a great expert in the industrial sector, influential in the business field and highly ranked speaker…. Read Article →

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