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Bhanu Choudhrie must make decisions in a quick and strategic manner. He can not waste lime because every second counts. So the question is, how should an executive and a leader like Bhanu Choudhrie think and behave? How should Bhanu Choudhrie work to make certain that he is in the clearest of minds to make… Read Article →

The Best Lawyers in America© recognized Todd Levine, one of the prominent lawyers at Kluger Kaplan among the best American lawyers. He won the recognition in Real Estate Litigation alongside Alan Kluger and Abbey Kaplan that worked with him in the Miami firm. Attorney Bruce Katzen won the recognition too from his unmatched efforts in… Read Article →

In recent years, more and more people are getting into online dating. There are different platforms for casual meetup and for people who want to take dating seriously. With the technological revolution, online dating has become of the most popular online activity through dating apps. If you happen to use one, it is likely that… Read Article →

Preston Smith who is also the chief executive officer of Rocketship Education a nonprofit organization started in 2006 in San Jose California. The Rocketship organization is among the best institutions with personalized learning; the organization has remained focused on the integration of technology and supporting students from marginalized communities. Rocketship Education has personalized learning programs… Read Article → is China’s biggest Internet company by revenue as JD sets high standards for online shopping by committing to quality, and authentic product offerings. is trying to provide data-driven insights about how to cater to Chinese customers better. The Chinese market really appreciates Huggies diapers and Head and Shoulders Shampoo. Customer satisfaction with the… Read Article →

Several years ago was launched and with the help of their C2M or Consumer-to-Manufacturer model working with their data and customer analysis they were able to meet any and all demands of the Chinese market. JD is teaming up with the world’s fast-moving consumer goods or FMCG companies in order to use their data… Read Article →

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