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Talkspace is a therapy app that people use every day to get in touch with the therapist of their choice. They need someone that they can talk to, but they often do not know how they will get in touch with someone. The Talkspace format is much easier to use than other therapy platforms, and… Read Article →

This is an account of a Talkspace user who narrates her experience with the Talkspace, a text therapy application. This is based on interaction with one of the Talkspace therapists. It talks about how the user engaged with the therapist, the questions she was asked the personality tests and the actionable strategies that were recommended… Read Article →

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have revolutionized the field of applied neurosciences with their unique and innovative treatment and brain training programs that help people improve their brain’s performance. The field of neuroscience is fast developing, and it is due to the research was done by independent research centers such as Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are… Read Article →

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