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Securus Technologies continues to become the premier inmate technology company by announcing they have acquired GovPayNet of Indianapolis, Indiana. GovPayNet is a leading electronic credit and debit payment processing for over 2,300 government agencies in the United States. The company processes tax payment, traffic and criminal fines, and a host of other local government payments…. Read Article →

The age of the social entrepreneur is on us. No longer is business only about making a profit; it is now about bringing positive change to this hurt world that we all live in. One company that has been hailed by customers for their positive influence is Securus Technologies.   Securus Technologies is a for-profit… Read Article →

It is true that Securus Technologies has made life inside the prison easier and safer for all, from officers, guests, to inmates, but how this technology changed an industry is a unique story in and of itself. As a corrections officer in a very dangerous prison, I know firsthand how the inmate call monitoring system… Read Article →

For all Dallas-based companies, none has ever worked to get an A+ accreditation from the Better Busies Bureau than Securus Technologies. For this reason, the company is announcing it’s a+ accreditation by the Better Business Bureau as one of the greatest achievements in the portfolio of the enterprise. Securus Technologies worked with the Better business… Read Article →

Securus is a wonderful company that has managed to become one of the most successful producers of video visitation software. This is the company that people look to when they want to move away from the physical visitation to the convenience of virtual visitation. I prefer this because it gives people the convenience to get… Read Article →

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