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Ted Bauman is a man of many titles. He is an author, investor, researcher, economist, and financial analyst. Bauman has decades of experience in the financial industry and uses his vast knowledge and expertise to write investment newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted Bauman, for the many years he has been in the financial writing… Read Article →

The topic of mental health predominates in our world. Modern-day pressures and demands often are not reflective of those of bygone days; old methods of accessing services that support good mental health can be updated to suit people with modern-day lifestyles, issues, and schedules. Ring in Oren Frank, the co-founder and CEO of Talkspace, an… Read Article →

Lincolnshire Management, Inc. added four new executive team officials who are Matthew Nacier, Nicolas Vega Llona, Yashna Gunodia, and Georg Stolt-Nielsen. According to the chairman and CEO of the company, TJ Maloney, the firm in general, is excited about the presence of the newly appointed members indicating the strong commitment they have to help middle-market… Read Article →

Alec Sellem is one of the renowned figures in the gold mining industry. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sellem Industries, a company that operates from England. Alec oversees the company’s daily operations, ensuring its full efficiency. He also works hard to provide safe and conducive working conditions for his employees. Sellem’s… Read Article →

Smita Shah is famously known as the president of Spaan Tech, a company that was started in 1998 while she was just 24 years old. She is an Engineer licensed in different states who has an extensive education background, a great expert in the industrial sector, influential in the business field and highly ranked speaker…. Read Article →

Leaders like Oren Frank are able to come up with creative solutions to pressing problems because they are thinking about them and they are making certain to address them. Oren Frank and people in his team will have the mindset, the skills, and the right solutions to help people grow and become better. Oren Frank… Read Article →

Cryptocurrency, although not new, is in 2019 becoming a topic the public at large is only now becoming truly aware of. The technology behind Bitcoin and Ethereum was developed and patented by Serge Belamant, an entrepreneur and French computer scientist. Blockchain technology was developed to create a more secure financial transaction environment as well as… Read Article →

The latest removal of the company belonging to the Isabel dos Santos from the state project, Marginal da Corimba marks the development of another conflict between the Angolan President, Joao Lourenco and Santo’s clan. Isabel’s company whose contract has been annulled operates under the name Urbinvest and Landscape. Although this recent occurrence is a setback… Read Article →

During her time with grace Farms, Chair and President Sharon Prince has had the opportunity to work with many different inspirational people who share the vision of her the public space that serves the people of New England. Recently, Sharon Prince proudly announced that the artist Carrie Mae Weems would be joining organization to work… Read Article →

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