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  The Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation lead by Sharon Prince is to end modern slavery. Sharon Prince is also a part of an organization called Freedom Needs Fighters, that works to end modern day slavery. Sharon Prince has fought on a global scale to protect people from things like violence against women, child exploitation,… Read Article →

  It’s a classic formula for business success: Identity a universal problem and invent a device or service that solves that problem. That’s what serial entrepreneur Seymour Segnit has done with his development of MAGFAST. The problem MAGFAST solves is offering an easy, convenient way to charge the myriad of electronic devices millions of people… Read Article →

Brazilian banks experienced a growth period at the end of 2014. This happened while other economies struggled to get their economies moving. Brazilian banks experienced an increase in profits. They weathered the economic storm because they understood their markets. Brazilian banks also chose to lend money only to those borrowers who were the most credit-worthy…. Read Article →

The Guardian Angel App by Tigerswan is an emergency app that allows others to pinpoint the user location using the Global Positioning System built inside the phone so they can respond to the user emergency needs. According to the website Tigerswan, the Guardian Angel app is for people who travel a lot and want to… Read Article →

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and an investor in the health industry. He holds different managerial positions at TMS Health Solutions and ASC Capital Holdings. The businessman invests in upcoming healthcare firms dedicated to improving the healthcare system. He has spent several decades in creating a link between digital technology and healthcare services. His healthcare… Read Article →

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