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Born in India, Nitin Khanna was always influenced and encouraged by his family of entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps. He aspired to be like them and eventually made the move to the United States at only 17 years old to attend Purdue University. He graduated with his master’s degree in industrial engineering. This would… Read Article →

As someone passionate about football, Gino Pozzo has owned three European football clubs. These are Udinese Calcio F.C., Gibraltar F.C., and Watford F.C. Both of his parents, Gianpaola and Giuliana Pozzo, avid football enthusiasts who rubbed off on him in a big way. It was in 1986 that his family bought its first football club…. Read Article →

One of the most powerful forms of selling is “influencer marketing.” That’s when a company enlists the media power of a popular celebrity to endorse its brand.  But world-renowned branding expert Steve Lesnard said this form of promotion has some pitfalls users must be aware of. One is not making an excellent match between product… Read Article →

Richard Liu has been referred to as a mega entrepreneur. Although he is mostly known for his work with building, he is also equally known for his work with medicine. Wearing many hats, he has also worked as an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University. Having a hand in numerous… Read Article →

The World Economic Forum brings together some of the most renowned global leaders. There are men and women who have displayed the knowledge and insight to reach the highest positions in their area of expertise. Powerful leaders in business, government and religion gather to share their ideas and thoughts in Davos, the long reigning location… Read Article →

Nitin Khanna entrepreneur and investor and the Chief Executive Officer of MergerTech since 2009. Born in Chandigarh, Indi, he spent his early years attending one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Asia, the Lawrence School in Himachal Pradesh, Sanawar, India. Notable Alumni who have graduated from this school include CEOs of current global businesses… Read Article →

Lincolnshire Management, Inc. added four new executive team officials who are Matthew Nacier, Nicolas Vega Llona, Yashna Gunodia, and Georg Stolt-Nielsen. According to the chairman and CEO of the company, TJ Maloney, the firm in general, is excited about the presence of the newly appointed members indicating the strong commitment they have to help middle-market… Read Article →

Alec Sellem is one of the renowned figures in the gold mining industry. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sellem Industries, a company that operates from England. Alec oversees the company’s daily operations, ensuring its full efficiency. He also works hard to provide safe and conducive working conditions for his employees. Sellem’s… Read Article →

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