Carsten Thiel and His Career Life

Carsten Thiel has excellent biochemical skills as he has been instrumental in the launch of several pharmaceutical products. He is a firm believer in what humanity is capable of doing. He has broken the record in biochemistry as an area of specialization.

Carsten Thiel’s Background Information

He was born and raised in Berlin German at a time when the nation was divided. Since his childhood, he was passionate for education with particular attention to science-based subjects. The love for the sciences is attributed to the fact that he was brought up by two scientists. His father and mother were both doctors. He wanted to inherit the medicine in them, and that is what he did when he went to the University.

While at the university, Carsten Thiel fell in love with Biophysics especially when he realized the DNA secrets. Later on, he studied chemistry from Malbrook before going to the University of Bristol to study Anglo-Saxon education. After the Anglo-Saxon education systems with the knowledge of the natives, he decided to further his science education by pursuing a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. He wanted to go deep in the protein involved in the healthy cells’ transition to form Cancerous cells.

His Work Experience

After his studies, Carsten Thiel delved in the field of work, and he secured a job in Hoffman La-Roche where he worked as a product and communication manager. He worked very hard that he was elevated and added responsibility in the scientific marketing and assessment field. He also worked as the general manager for Insadong Eastern Europe. He was the one in charge of the launch of pharmaceutical products. Throughout his career life, Carsten Thiel endeavors to manage time properly by setting aside the morning hours for his family. Work for the rest of the day, but he must have a meeting with clients and deliberate on various issues. He takes time planning as a dear tool of work.

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