Brazilian Entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus, And His Many Pursuits

Guilherme Paulus, a man of few misgivings, thrives in the face of entrepreneurial challenges. This resilient nature is in large part why Paulus flourishes in his domain. Before becoming the enlightened businessman he is today, Paulus first had to acquire insight into his desired line of work. While attending college, Guilherme Paulus put a premium on assimilating as much information as he could. His diligence soon paid off, with Paulus receiving a coveted internship at the age of 20. IBM was the company that spotted potential in Paulus, and it was during this stint that Paulus discovered where his passions lie.

Cut to four years later, and Paulus was well on his way to becoming the industrious entrepreneur he’d always dreamed of. Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, the man to which Paulus attributes his success, approached Paulus with a novel business idea: bringing tourism to Brazil in the form of storefronts. Guilherme Paulus was honored to partner with Cerchiari, promptly accepting the proposal and embarking on a joint venture. With little to his name, Paulus was forced to rely on Cerchiari for financial guidance. Fortunately, Cerchiari had deep pockets and was willing to assume this role.

Before too long, the two devised CVC, a tour operator company offering a wealth of information on travel. To date, CVC is the most profitable and successful tourism company to grace the Brazilian market. In fact, the organization is reported to be worth $5.2 billion. In addition to being a wildly prosperous enterprise, CVC is also a hot spot of employment. With that said, Paulus and Cerchiari are credited with reviving the Brazilian economy. These days, Guilherme Paulus continues to foster the growth of CVC while governing his own corporation, GJP Hotels & Resorts. As his career evolves, Paulus intends to transform GJP Hotels & Resorts into an establishment of nationwide renown.

About Guilherme Paulus: