Bhanu Choudhrie and Looking To Science for Practical Answers

Bhanu Choudhrie must make decisions in a quick and strategic manner. He can not waste lime because every second counts. So the question is, how should an executive and a leader like Bhanu Choudhrie think and behave? How should Bhanu Choudhrie work to make certain that he is in the clearest of minds to make the best decisions possible?

It is certainly not something that one would find to be of ease. As a matter of fact, it would be quite difficult to do.

The fact of the matter is that many people dither in life and they procrastinate and have a hard time making the best decisions possible. Yet, if they were able to make the best decisions possible in a timely manner they would be much better off and father ahead in life.

Here’s how to make better decisions.

Bhanu Choudhrie and The Decision Oriented Life

Decisions,decisions,decisions. We make them every single day. Some of them we don’t even have to think twice about. W

e wake up and know that we have to get to work at 8am,so we set our alarm for 6:30 to be able to wake up in time and take the train to work.

We realize that our auto insurance premiums have increased,so we decide to shop around and get quotes from other companies. Glancing outside we see that it look cloudy,so we grab our rain jacket and an umbrella to prepare.

Choosing what to wear in the morning is not the same as choosing to buy a house. We would think longer about buying the house since that decision can have long lasting consequences on our lives.

To help make a decision you can make a pros and cons list.

Writing things down can help literally get your thoughts out of your head. Seeing them side by side on paper can help you compare and choose a decision. With the pros and cons list carefully weigh the consequences of a decision and make sure to do research,so that you know that you are making an informed decision. If your assumption is that an idea will most likely fail, instead of just leaving it at that explore the reasons why.

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