Betsy DeVos Develops Education Reforms through Charity

Behind the improved education reforms in the United States of America is a cheerful and dedicated career executive who is passionate about improving the lives of students. Betsy DeVos, the current secretary of education in the United States of America, is applauded for her commitment to developing a state of the art education system for all students despite the differences in family incomes. In her interview with Philanthropy Magazine in 2006, she explained the root of her passion for transforming the education systems. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.


Betsy DeVos is a prominent reformer who undertook her career vocation at Calvin College. Her political career dates from campus when she started involving herself in political campaigns. She has since been an active participant who has chaired party organizations as well as political action committees. Six years into her political career in campus, she was appointed the chairman of the Party of Michigan Republic. She is prominent for chairing reforms and donating millions of dollars towards politics and charity.

Politics and Career

Betsy’s political career fosters innovative solutions implemented to solve societal issues. To her, politics is not just a ticket to fame. She is the chairman of Windquest Group. This is a private company focused on investing in technology and clean energy. This company was established in 1989 with the assistance of Dick DeVos, her husband.


One of the most vital roles Betsy has taken up in the society is chairing the Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation. It is a no profit organization focused on generating income and providing it as capital to charity organizations. Although it is thought that most of her prominence roots from political donations, Betsy has been more supportive of charity and education. The member of many boards associated with charity has been nothing but supportive of the less fortunate. She is the chairperson of Mars Hill Bible Church, Foundation for Education Excellence as well as the Kennedy Centre. Visit Betsy’s profile page on


DeVos journey to the cabinet has not been an easy one. She has been an active education reformer for decades. As the student’s voice in education, she has continuously represented parents in the system. Betsy Devos is dedicated to transforming the lives of scholars through investing in modern education systems. Her reforms are based on helping students to understand the importance of acquiring quality education. Her interests in education reforms developed at a young age when her mother was a teacher at a public school. When she sent her children to school, she found out that not all children had the same luxurious education systems. She then thought it wise to join groups that worked towards achieving education reforms. A project that she developed in her hometown has seen her advance her political career to being the secretary of education. She is still committed to developing empowering education systems through the government.

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