Bernardo Chua Takes The Direct Sales Industry To A Global Stage

Bernardo Chua is one of the world’s leading direct sales experts who has built up an enviable level of experience with more than two decades of honing his skills as an entrepreneur in the multi level marketing sector.

Always willing to develop his skills as a business leader and user of technology, Bernardo has become a well known figure in parts of the world where direct sales are not seen as a major part of the everyday business world; one of the most ambitious and impressive feats Chua completed was the creation of the Organo Gold company that has become a major force in the organic coffee industry from a new base in Canada. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

The Facebook profile of Bernardo Chua shows the fun loving attitude and concern for others that has led Bernardo to become one of the world’s leading direct sales experts. Among the many different aspects of the life of Bernardo are the featuring of his family on the Facebook profile he has created that shows how the skills and interests Bernardo has undertaken over the course of his life; the founder of the Organo Gold company also looks for ways to spread the word about the charitable efforts he enjoys over the course of the creation of his company.

Over the course of his career, Bernado Chua has been a key figure in many of the world’s largest direct sales companies that have attempted to bring this often Asia centered industry to the shores of North America.

Although Chua the Philippines born business leader now heads his own coffee based business from headquarters in Canada, his initial efforts as a direct sales executive were based in the global business Gano Excel that began the trend for Chua’s company to explore the many products available including the ganoderma extract that provides many health benefits for the previous and latest businesses developed by Bernardo.