Bernardo Chua Is Changing The World With Coffee

The world of direct selling is changing the world as people are able to start their own businesses and support themselves financially on their own terms. Bernardo Chua is the founder of one of these popular companies that are changing lives known as ORGANO. As the Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest direct-selling coffee companies in the world, he has seen the changes that the culture of coffee has done through and is excited to see what it is bringing to the world. He founded the company back in 2008 and has been changing the industry ever since.

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As a child, Bernardo Chua wanted to become a doctor in order to be able to help people and change lives. While he may not have ever attended medical school during his life, he has still been able to impact people in a way that he could never have imagined during his younger years. In college, he attended the University of Santo Thomas, which is located in the Philippines, his native country. Throughout the years, he had the opportunity to pursue many different types of careers, including one within his family’s business. In fact, most people assumed that the entrepreneur would have worked management for the company instead of starting his own.

After leaving the family garment business, Bernardo Chua opened up his own travel agency as well that eventually managed to grow throughout a large part of Southeast Asia. After this, he began managing a different direct selling company before making the decision to create his own that is centered around the world of coffee and a better way of living for his customers and the associates of the company who sell the products directly to customers. These people inspire him to push forward and always do better so he can hear their success stories.

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