Ashley Lightspeed: The One Woman think tank at LightSpeed Venture Partners

Ashley Lightspeed is an entrepreneur and a long term investor. She currently works at Lightspeed Venture Partners. The venture is an influential firm that deals in capital for start-ups in enterprises, technology, and the market sector. Before she joined the company, Ashley had done a great job at building a strong resume that would be sure to impress. She attended Duke University for her Bachelors and Stanford University for her MBA. She also previously worked at start-ups that include Thumbtack, a company that helps you find anything you are looking for online and BetterUp a company that helps working individuals find clarity and purpose in their careers through counseling and coaching. Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at

As a child, as Ashley Lightspeed has repeatedly confirmed to media outlets, she was fascinated by her father’s passion in his work as an architect. She has emulated her father’s excitement when trying out new concepts and now develops new products, business designs, and personalized services. With her skills and talent, she is an invaluable asset at LightSpeed.

Ashley began her working career at Bain & Company a universal management consulting firm. While there, Ashley learned skills that enlightened her on the importance of using complex tools to design the future of trading intelligence. She worked at Bain& Company for three years before she was recruited into Thumbtack. She assumed the position of category manager, a position in which Ashley grew the company into the events and weddings industry. The events and the wedding industry has shown great growth potential.

Ashley Lightspeed then decided to go back to school and get an MBA in 2016. While studying to improve her knowledge and skill set she was able to interact with many people some of whom she consulted with. She quickly became recognized for her hard work and a leader in her field.