Ashley Lightspeed and Consumer Companies

What is one of the hottest consumer companies out there?

If you were to ask Ashley Lightspeed or other investors, they might answer you and tell you that it is Uber.


Why is Uber still a compelling company to people like Ashley Lightspeed?

Well this is so because Ashley Lightspeed and others might see that there is still more value to be had with Uber. They drill down into the company and see how it can make a difference.

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Uber is Making Sacrifices On Its Quest to be the Amazon of Transportation

By now, it is no secret that Uber wants to become the Amazon of transportation.

As Dara Khosrowshahi, the company’s new CEO, put it, “[Uber’s] core business will be getting you from point A to point B.”

To achieve that goal, the ride-hailing behemoth doesn’t want to be limited to cars as the start and end of its product offering. With features such as “Mode Switch”, the company now lets its customers select from different vehicle options, with its offerings including cars, bikes and scooters.

With this feature, Uber hopes to break new grounds to offer multiple vehicle options under one umbrella. The news is not that surprising to anyone who knows of Uber’s acquisition of e-bike startup Jump, which took place in April 2018. Nonetheless, seeing it all come together is quite significant in itself. And it also alludes towards how the ride sharing service is sliding closer to its objective.

It is especially profound when you notice that the company has started making tough choices in its quest to become to transportation what Amazon is to retail.

One such sacrifice comes in the form of its decision to leave a business opportunity in Colorado in favor of becoming the one stop shop for transportation.

Quite literally so.

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