Article Title: The New RealReal Store Designed by Courtney Applebaum

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RealReal was established by Julie WainWright in 2011. Since the foundation of RealReal, it has managed to raise 173 million dollars which is a huge success compared to other retail businesses. All items that are found in the stores are also available online for shopping. Sales persons in the stores help to scan items on behalf of customers, and can remove the items temporarily from the online sites, but still the items are available in stores. While most shoppers shop online, store shoppers tend to have a similar feeling felt by online shoppers that, at any moment an item could vanish.

Courtney Applebaum designed one of RealReal’s stores. Applebaum a ROW interior designer. There is a waiting area for customers to wait while their items or cloth pieces are ben adjusted. At the front of the store, there is a flower stall situated there. At this flower stall, one can buy Fox Fodder’s stems. The store also has a downstairs coffee shop and hosts weekly workshops and events. Faux Fridays is one of the weekly workshops held. Faux Fridays educates the customers in attendance on how they can be able to spot a fake version of items by brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton as well as designer sneakers.

At the center of the floor, there is a curate space for huge hidden cabinets with clothing specifically chosen by Allee Goldstein, Line, and Vanessa Traina. The racks inside the cabinets are full of cloth treasures. One customer specifically described the act of unveiling the racks of clothing as something sensational and an erotic feeling. The customer, once inside the hidden cabinets, checked the displayed rack of clothes and noticed that a shear collar Balenciaga leather jacket and a Frank Stella Copper lithograph had the same price tag of 2,500 dollars.

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