Anthony Petrello’s Humble Contributions To The Community And Achievements

Anthony G. Petrello has been holding the position of Chief Executive Officer for the Nabors Company since 2011. He has been the company’s president since 1992 and was elected to the company’s board of directors in 1991. Prior joining Nabors Company, Anthony worked with Baker& McKenzie law firm where he was a Managing Partner.

Anthony’s Contribution in Nabors Industry Ltd

Nabors Industry Ltd is the owner and operator of one of the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet. The company leads in the provision of rig fleet in the US as well as other international markets. Among the services the company offers include directional drilling, innovative technologies and performance tools.

Being the president of such a renowned company, Anthony Petrello is involved with the responsibility of providing strategic direction to help foster the company’s success. For over two decades that he has been in the company, he has helped it achieve its objectives.

Philanthropic Deeds

Since joining Nabors Industries, Anthony has led the company in the organization of numerous charitable events and community outreach programs.

Anthony Petrello also established an organization that supports victims of civil and natural disasters. Anthony is also actively involved in running activities of Texas Children Hospital Inc. which specializes in helping children with various special illnesses. Additionally, Anthony is very active in mentoring his employees as well as funding youth programs.

Anthony Petrello’s Career Achievements

Anthony Petrello is a Harvard and Yale University graduate where he got his J.D degree in Harvard and degree and masters in mathematics from Yale. He has worked at Nabors Industries for over 25 years within which he has held various positions. In 1991 he was made the company’s chief operating officer and the following year he was made the company’s president. He was made the company’s deputy chairman in 2003.

Along his career line, he has been a Director at Texas Children’s Hospital and also at

According to his college roommate Lloyd Groove, Anthony is a math whiz who liked making fun of others and his background. He is smart, hardworking and ambitious and believes that no one should take for granted being lucky in life.

Despite being very successful in life, Anthony Petrello is very generous and involves in several charitable projects as a way of contributing to the community. Anthony is one of the best-paid executives in the world.

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