Alex Pall: The Game Changer in The Dance Music World

Alex Pall is one of the duos for the Chainsmokers. Recently, the band released the new track that was really waited for that features Halsey. In this new track, Alex Pall and his partner Drew Taggart are featured singing. This is never a usual thing when it comes to the Dj and the producers. They make the sounds and find an artist who can add the human nature in the songs. Surprisingly, in this track, the duo has decided to sing the lyrics on their own. When asked about the reason behind that move, they reply that it is always great for them to make the song relational. Theirs is to ensure that their emotions and feelings are well communicated to the audience. They also desire to evolve as their audience keeps growing.

Through an interview, Alex Pall gave a brief history and outline of how they met with his colleague Drew theirs is an interesting story that requires one to sit back and enjoy the whole narration. Alex Pall grew up as a Dj. This was part of him as he enjoyed doing it. It is during his moments of Deejaying that he realized what was ahead of him in terms of the career. Alex did some other side jobs with passion. During this time, he ventured into the dance music he began working with a manager who introduced him to Drew. Within a short time, they organized themselves and met to begin working together. Sometimes it is never easy to find someone and click to work together. Answering on how they knew that they would last longer at work, Alex Pall discloses that from the beginning, their ambitions and goals within the industry were the same. Alex is a gifted DJ while Taggart has exceptional skills in producing. Combining these powerful skills, it was easy for them to work together and dig deeper into the dance music industry. They did not want to waste their talents and every time they worked an extra mile. With social media platform, their marketing has been made easier and fruitful with a number of fans following them. It has been a journey of making many discoveries at a personal level and willing to work them out.