Alex Hern Renowned Businessman


Alex Hern is an excellent entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the industry of technology. During these 25 years, Hern has established several businesses that have become successful, and his focus is on early-stage companies and incubation technologies. Alex Hern is the CEO and co-founder of Tsunami XR. The company was founded in 2011 and Hern has worked there for seven years. Hern has always had an interest in virtual reality, and he co-founded Tsunami XR to visualize thus dream. Computing has changed from CPU to GPU and Hern wants to introduce the GPU form of computing to his company, Tsunami XR.

Laying the Alex HernFoundation

Tsunami XR wants to revolutionize the virtual reality and augmented reality and take mainstream viewing to a whole other level. Tsunami XR which is based in San Diego Los Angeles is providing XR solutions to other companies to make the experience of mainstream media exceptional. XR solutions are laying the foundation for the revolutionized mainstream that is cheaper, efficient and quick. Alex Hern hopes that the technology they plan to utilize in their XR models for the virtual and augmented reality is new polished and makes the user feel the experience more as if it were real. The items that the company hopes to produce will have high-class graphics at meager prices for the average buyer to afford.

Alex Hern has always had the vision for Tsunami XR to create products using new software that utilized GPU computing. In an interview, Hern established that the reason for his success could be attributed to his focus on his business and consistency that he brings. Hern wakes up very early every morning, and he would recommend anyone to do the same to succeed. Alex Hern hopes to do more in the extended reality world through XR and lay the foundation for changes in the industry. Hern continues to make significant strides in the technology industry, and he is a force to be reckoned with.

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