Adam Milstein: A Most Influential Jewish Philanthropist

Becoming a well-known philanthropist is not a simple task, it requires much work and dedication. To get a good idea of this, simply ask Adam Milstein.


A native of Haifa, Israel, Adam Milstein was born there in 1952 and then later moved to California in 1981. From there he began his work as a businessman and contributor to the world at large, one major activity being that he is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council that operates in California.


The goal of the Israeli-American Council is to help strengthen and support the state of Israel, as well as all Jewish people and maintain good relations between the United States and Israel. He has gone on to state that until the creation of the council, the word “Israeli-American” didn’t exist but now he and others can embrace that heritage proudly. Because of his work with the organization, among several other feats, Adam Milstein has been named as one of Jerusalem’s 50 most influential Jewish people in the world.


In addition to being part of the Council, Adam Milstein is involved with several other groups, including StandWithUs, the Israel on Campus Coalition, the Jewish Funders Network and AIPAC National Council. Because of all this time spending decades with various groups, Milstein has now weighed in on what it truly means to be a philanthropist.


Over time, Adam Milstein has come up with three major guidelines into being a truly effective philanthropist. The first guideline is described as a “labor of love,” meaning to work all your life for a cause and being truly dedicated to it. The second is remaining focused while knowing how to use time wisely. His third and final guideline is not to simply talk but to act and contribute time and hard work to all the causes.

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