Achievements of Rocketship Education

Preston Smith who is also the chief executive officer of Rocketship Education a nonprofit organization started in 2006 in San Jose California. The Rocketship organization is among the best institutions with personalized learning; the organization has remained focused on the integration of technology and supporting students from marginalized communities.

Rocketship Education has personalized learning programs for all students that have a deep understanding of the needs and interests of each family and students. Besides the learning activities carried out by the organization, it also organizes annual home visits that is an essential component of the specialized learning programs. The programs help the teachers to change their dynamics from those of teachers in class to a parent; this helps them develop a strong relationship with families with a deeper understanding of services to each rocketeer.

 Rocketship Education is primarily concerned in elementary education; the organization has received variety to support from different partners and funders who have been supportive of the development of the organization. Therefore, more energy needed to be invested in creating demand and improving the Rocketship education system.

Rocketship Education creates supportive programs that are essential to families and in helping; they exercise their power and demand their political attention to increase the level of education system. Due to the type of elementary education system that is offered by the Rocketship organization, parents are required to engage, organize and advocate for high-quality education. After a decade, the organization’s dream has been achieved.

Rocketship Education’s mission is to create change in the marginalized communities and give students from low-income families’ sustainable and high quality of education that will enable them to realize their potential. Besides, the Rocketship school aims at achieving this by developing excellent education by collaborating with parents to attain their goals.

The vision of Rocketship Education is to ensure the achievement gap is eliminated. In the United States, the achievement gap is the disparity that occurs because of academic performance as well as the achievements of children who are part of the social, economic groups. Therefore, the Rocketship education aims at the provision of skills that will surpass the academic performance of the peers.

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