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Ashley Lightspeed is a self-tailored entrepreneur who has earned her rightful place in Lightspeed Venture Capital Company. Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies) degree from Duke University. She’s well-versed with consumer investing and offering consultancy services. Ashley’s journey to success Ashley started her career path when she was hired by Bain & Company,… Read Article →

  Gump’s is one of the most famous luxury brands in the world. This brand was created in 1861 by two brothers, Gustave and Solomon Gump, in San Francisco. They started a business that manufactured and sold mirrors and frames. After seeing how much money was being earned by some of those in the California… Read Article →

  Empiricus Research is a consulting company that sells information through financial newsletters. It is structured as a partnerhip between the American company The Agora, and three Brazilian entrepreneurs: Rodolfo Amstalden, who previously worked as a professor at Faculdade Cásper Líbero and as consultant for International Paper, Caio Mesquita, who already worked in the financial… Read Article →

It’s hard for human beings to do huge things. Betsy DeVos, however, isn’t anything like the majority of humans out there. She’s a diamond in the rough. People sometimes call her that, too. It’s not something that bothers her. It makes her feel amazing to know that people recognize all of her efforts. She appreciates… Read Article →

Brazilian banks experienced a growth period at the end of 2014. This happened while other economies struggled to get their economies moving. Brazilian banks experienced an increase in profits. They weathered the economic storm because they understood their markets. Brazilian banks also chose to lend money only to those borrowers who were the most credit-worthy…. Read Article →

The infamous EOS Lip Balm is celebrating its 10th year in business. What better way to celebrate than to have a worldwide sale for extremely loyal customers. It is very common for customers to rave about the quality of such an amazing lip balm. Read – Top 10 EOS Lip Balm Flavors  This 100% natural… Read Article →

With so many people out there struggling to manage their finances smartly, taking the help of the investment professionals with an excellent track record is necessary. Not planning your finances today can make your tomorrow harder than you anticipate, and it is essential that you consider following the advice offered to you by the investment… Read Article →

Recently, Academy of Art University student Pratik Parulekar employed his imagination and skills to earn himself international awards. In a competition with more than 4,000 entries, Parulekar’s photographs entered in the still life category were awarded a gold medal, one of only 31 that were awarded. He also won a silver medal for another of… Read Article →

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