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Recently, Academy of Art University student Pratik Parulekar employed his imagination and skills to earn himself international awards. In a competition with more than 4,000 entries, Parulekar’s photographs entered in the still life category were awarded a gold medal, one of only 31 that were awarded. He also won a silver medal for another of… Read Article →

Marketing in the modern world is different from traditional methods. People have invested in the art through studying an expounding their knowledge on the requirements for good advertisement. Building a cohesive brand is crucial in making a company’s product known to people. Marketing experts like Steve Lesnard have made business easy for firm executives through… Read Article →

Incorporating locationsmart in business is one of the most effective methods of customer retention gimmicks. Locationsmart provides a platform for building a good relationship with your customers effortlessly by the use of IP geolocation. IP geolocation is geographical locating software used to identify the geographical position of a device connected to it, for instance, mobile… Read Article →

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and an investor in the health industry. He holds different managerial positions at TMS Health Solutions and ASC Capital Holdings. The businessman invests in upcoming healthcare firms dedicated to improving the healthcare system. He has spent several decades in creating a link between digital technology and healthcare services. His healthcare… Read Article →

Do skincare products with natural plant extracts help my skin? Women of all ages ask Google that question on a daily basis. The short answer is, yes it can. It wasn’t too long ago when skincare products were made from ingredients you couldn’t recognize or even pronounce! You weren’t sure exactly what you were actually… Read Article →

The world of direct selling is changing the world as people are able to start their own businesses and support themselves financially on their own terms. Bernardo Chua is the founder of one of these popular companies that are changing lives known as ORGANO. As the Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest direct-selling… Read Article →

It is not very often you hear about law firms making sure people don’t go hungry but for Ohio’s Kisling, Nestico & Redick they took the plunge to do just that. The law firm has a participating group in the Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump ever since it’s inception in 2004. The polar jump goes… Read Article →

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