2 Ways Matt Fleeger is Redefining Fight Against Cancer through Sadie Keller Foundation

Did you know that the world spends billions of dollars in treatment and stabilizing cancer patients? The amount spent on treating these patients is, unfortunately, higher than what most people can afford. Fortunately, foundations — such as Sadie Keller Foundation — are redefining this reality. One of the key partners in this foundation is Matt Fleeger. In addition to helping the world economy through his contributions to the oil industry, the investor is helping thousands of families to regain control after spending a lot of money on treatment. He believes that therapy should help family members and not use all their savings in the process.

In this foundation, Matt Fleeger assists through the following two ways. First, he contributes a certain percentage of his earning to this foundation. Thanks to his contributions — and contributions of other stakeholders — the foundation is assisting hundreds of families. He believes that if more partners come on board, it is possible to help more families to recover. Matt Fleeger is also one of the partners that donates a lot of their time to the foundation. Giving families the support is not only the best way to assist them in recovery but also one of the ways to show the families that the world cares about them.

Finally, he understands that policy changes are critical on a long-term basis. In the last three years, he has been instrumental in pushing for policy changes on a national level. His efforts have started to show results. Matt Fleeger is also one of the stakeholders that have been instrumental in giving policy suggestions a professional twist and make them reflect the reality. Fleeger believes that with reduced treatment costs and more foundations, it is possible to win the war against cancer. Lastly, the discussion on fighting cancer is incomplete if there are no mechanisms to bring more stakeholders on board.